Story of an Embankment

Story of an Embankment, (Sikaribari Ring Embankment, Moheswaripur, Koyra)


Sikaribari is a village of Moheswaripur union under the Koyra upazila, surrounded by the Sikaribari river on one side and the Koyra canal on the other side. On May 25th 2009, the village was hit badly by the deadly cyclone, Aila. Despite efforts of the Water Development Board (WDB) to protect the embankments, they were wiped out at different points and the whole village went under water abruptly. Livestock and tangible belongings of most people were washed away by the intense flooding. Most families took shelter on the embankments and other strips of land that were safe from inundation. Months after months, the villagers faced forceful water overflow twice daily and hoped they could repair the embankments and get back to a normal life.

After seven months Oxfam, with the help of villagers, built a ring embankment to stop the embankment from further flooding. The standard ring embankment procedure was followed. People worked very hard with lots of spirit and diligence. The ring embankment was an important step to make Moheswaripur and Bagali union free from flooding, which had causing suffering to ten thousand families.

After repairing the breached point of the embankment, people gained back their confidence and some of them started to return to their own places. This said, though, within a short time, the embankment was breached due to several high tides. People again gathered courage and repaired it.


Breaching of embankment: First, It was breached on 2nd January, then on 29 January and latest was on 14th April.

This time again, the embankment was broken by another strong tidal wave. Although the embankment was repaired one final time, after that though, the villagers are still skeptical about how long it will last. They have not started their agriculture and shrimp farming activities as they are still waiting to see what will happen. Just how long this embankment will last.